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Easter Mantle

I know.  Easter was last week.  We were on Spring Break, so I didn't post anything, but I thought this mantle was too cute not to share!


Remember those buckets that I gave a faux patina?  They all ended up on my mantle!


My husband recently surprised me with a "just because" gift, and included in the gift where these three nails, and I thought they were incredibly fitting for an Easter display.  So thankful that my debt has been paid!!!


I just LOVE old books, and I love to incorporate them into my decor!


I have quite a collection of flower pots.  I very quickly dry brushed some white paint onto a few of them, and I like the way they turned out.  And you can see that I stuffed book pages into just about everything for this vignette!


I think I will leave this up for awhile.  It makes me happy!  What about you?  Do you have your spring decor out, or have you already moved on?

I pray things are well for you!  Enjoy the Son!


Tuesday Tips and Recipes #5

I pray you all had a lovely Easter!  We have been on Spring Break, so I took a short hiatus from blogging to spend the time with my short people!  

This installment of TTR is kind of a recipe AND a tip.  A few weeks ago, I read this fantasic post from Victoria over at A Subtle Revelry.  When I saw this "piñata" cake, I knew it would be perfect for my son's birthday party!

Now, Victoria has great photos and great tips, so check her post out for lots of details.  Or just read mine and hope for the best (kidding!).

I started with two boxes of vanilla cake mix.  Since I only have one glass bowl for baking, I baked each cake seperately.  I mixed the cake per the instruction, poured the batter into the glass bowl (which I lined with parchment paper on the bottom and sprayed the sides of the bowl), and baked the cake for 55 minutes.  I let the cake cool for 10 minutes, and then I transfered it to a cooling rack, where I let it cool overnight.  Then I repeated the same steps for the second cake!

The next morning, I cut the tops off of my cakes to make them flat.

Then I scooped out some of the inside of each cake, being careful not to get too close to the edge or too close to the bottom.  I saved the inside pieces of cake for cake pops!  Then I filled the bottom cake with candy.

Next, I frosted the edge of the bottom cake (using a jar of whipped, buttercream frosting) so that I could "glue" the cakes together.

Once the cakes were together, my daughter helped me frost and sprinkle the cake.  **Worthy of note: When I carved out the "top" cake, I went a touch too deep, and I could feel that the top was very thin.  I had to be careful when frosting so as not to puncture the top.  I succeeded, but the cake did collapse a bit once we cut into it.

My short people watched/helped me make this cake, so they knew what was coming.  We, however, did not tell any of our short guests what was inside, so their faces where priceless when we cut into the cake! Unfortunately, I do not have pics of that, and I barely have pics of the inside, because it is hard to serve cake and ice cream and take pics!  No worries, though.  It was a fun time, and I am SURE we will be making this again!

I feel like I should note that while this was super fun to make and surprise the kids with, most kids just kind of picked at it and went for the cake pops instead!  I don't blame them--I wasn't even tempted to try this!  I got a sugar high just from putting it together! ;)

This was such a fun and easy spin on a birthday cake.  If you try this, send me a picture and I will but a post together with YOUR cakes!

Enjoy the Son!



Tuesday Tips and Recipes #4

I recently wore a hole in the knee of my favorite jeans.  At first it was just more of a threadbare spot on the knee.  Then it definitely split, leaving a bit of skin peeking out.  Before long, there was a full on hole, and I didn't want to wear the jeans anymore.

I wanted to patch the jeans, but I couldn't find any patches that I liked. I decided to create my own patch with a piece of felted wool and some embroidery floss.  I already had loads of colors of floss, so I just needed the felted wool.  I picked up a small roll, about the size of a placemat, from Michael's for $3.99.  I cut out an oval-ish shape slightly larger than the hole, and I used a very loose, whip stitch to secure the wool to the jeans.  I didn't take pics of this project, because I wasn't even going to post this, but every time I wear them people ask, "Where did you get those jeans?!" Too funny!  

Here is my patch job!

Extreme close-up


The felted wool comes in many different colors (reds, greens, yellows, etc.), and the embroidery floss comes in EVERY color! I chose blue because I wear A LOT of blue tones, and I didn't want the patch to stand out too much.  I do think, however, that it would be fun to have a red patch with yellow stitching or some other eye catching combo!

Also, I have washed this pair of jeans about 10 times since I added the patch, and the patch is working perfectly!  So, today's tip, embellish your worn clothes with a custom patch to give them a refreshed, boutique look--and let me know what worked for you!

Enjoy the Son




DIY Patina

I just LOVE an old piece that has a yummy patina.  You should probably know that I lump most all types of aging/weathering into the "patina" category.  For example, you might see an old railroad spike and think it is all dirty and rusty, but I see it and think, what a fantastic patina!  Might be a stretch for the word, but I like it!

Anyhow, I really like old, metal buckets, and I LOVE when they are all worn and "patina-ed".  What I don't like is that they can be incredibly heavy and I cannot buy them any day of the week since they aren't sold in stores. What I can find everyday are very light weight, and very shiny, galvanized metal buckets. 

Some time ago (almostayearbutwhoiscounting) I picked up these buckets at GoodWill for $0.99 each.  I decided I would try a few techniques and see if I could make them look old and delicious.

I have seen a number of different ways (on Pinterest, of course!) to age a new bucket.  I have tried several of them, but haven't really achieved the look I was going for.  I have seen a couple of bloggers use the Sophisticated Finishes with great results, but I was too cheap to pay the $9.99 for a 4oz bottle.  I decided that I would first try what I had on hand and see what I could end up with.

First, I painted a section of the bucket a floral green, using a sponge brush.

Then, using the same sponge brush, I mixed a little bit of white paint into the green.  This softend the green a bit and helped hide the pattern on the bucket.

Next, using a small paint brush, I randomly brushed some horizontal black stripes on the bucket.

Then I used the sponge brush again to blend in the black paint, making horizontal sweeping motions.

Then I just repeated those step all around the bucket.

For this little gal, I just used a small paint brush and "swirled" some white paint on the bucket.  

I let it dry for about a minute, and then a took a dry paper towel and buffed the bucket. I forgot to take a picture for this post, but I will show it to you at the end of the week when I show you my spring mantle! ;)

I decided to add some embellishments to one of the pieces, so I gathered up some scraps.  I did not take pics of this process because 1) it would be boring, 2) I forgot that some people might not find it boring and did I didn't even bother with pics, and 3) everyone is going to have different stuff, so I didn't want anyone to get stuck on using the same stuff I used.  Use what you got, folks!  Anyhow, I hot glued a scrap of burlap to the front of the bucket.  Then I clipped the tabs off of some mini brads, and I hot glued the heads onto the burlap.  Then I stuck (literally) a scrap of black vinyl (leftover from a project on my Cricut) right onto the burlap.  I brushed a very small amount chalkboard paint onto the vinyl so that I could use chalk on it.  I like how the burlap pattern shows through the "chalkboard".  

Two of these buckets have a very strong patina/very green finish, which is PERFECT for the spring mantle I have been working on!  The one bucket has a more oxidized zinc feel to it, which is fantastic!  I am sure I will play around with more of these and keep working on different finishes.  Have you tried creating your own patina?  What worked (or didn't!) for you?!  I'd love to know!  

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!  Enjoy the Son!

P.S. The Creating with the Stars Contest kicked off this week, and the contestants came up with some seriously uh-mazing projects!  Check them out and vote for your favorite!



Tuesday Tips and Recipes #3

Hi.  It's not Tuesday.  I know.  It's kinda perfect though, because this weeks tip is simply "Extend Grace".

Tuesday is the day I picked for TTR because it is the day that I usually have a couple of free hours to put a post together.  (That and I like the alliteration!;) Anyhow, yesterday's post was going to be a yummy banana bread recipe, but we devoured the bread before I took any pics, and then school was canceled for a snow day, so my free time was no longer free.  I was stressing for a bit because I wanted to put a post up, but then I was like, "What am I stressed about?! I have a sponsor free blog, so I am not accountable to anyone for when I do/don't post anything!"  

I wanted to post something for my readers, but a lot of you are moms too, so you get where I am coming from. I decided that the best thing I could do yesterday was hang out with my kiddos and just enjoy the unexpected blessing of a free day with them.  We watched a movie, played Legos and LalaLoopsy, drew pictures, and talked--A LOT!  The kids played out in the snow with some of the neighbors.  I, unfortunately, am still healing from my knee injury and am unstable in the snow, so I was on hot cocoa duty.  It was a lovely day, but if I had not extended grace to myself, I would have missed it.

Do yourself a favor and extend some grace to yourself.  Because, honestly, if Tuesday's tip comes on Wednesday morning, it really not a big deal! ;)

Enjoy the Son!