Hey there! I am beyond blessed to be the wife of Mark Andrew and the stay-at-home-mommy of Quinn and Morgan! I love to decorate, create things, and generally make life more beautiful! Come join me, and let's see what we can make today!

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Lovely Links

Over the weekend, my husband helped me expand this site, and I could not be more excited about it!  One of the new additions is a page titled "Links".  When you go to this page, you will find some absolutely lovely links! 

One of these links is All About M.E. Bowtique.  Jessica Mroz and Therese Wojcik created their business because they were always looking for cute headbands to match their daughter's outfits and realized there weren't many choices.  Now their girls (Molly and Emily--M.E. get it?) have a hair accessory for every outfit and occasion!  



Jessica and Therese's first open house

If you are looking for a headband for your little princess, head on over to All About M.E. Bowtique and take a look around!

Also, I have posted some more tutu designs!  You can view them on the "photos" page under sample tutus. Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by!


Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday!  We had so much fun at the Miller's (Mark and Beth's) annual party!  The band was fantastic, the food was delicious, the weather was beautiful, and the kids enjoyed the bounce house, sumo suits, bubble machine, cotton candy, bouncy horses, tractor rides, and so much more!  Above is a picture of Mo chasing some of the bubbles!  And she truly wore here tutu the entire day!  It was so cute!

I wanted to take a moment to again thank all of you who have supported me and my "adventure" so far!  In the next couple of weeks, I (with the help of the best husband ever!) will be adding some new features to this website (think online ordering and credit card processing!), which I hope will make it much easier to place your order!  Check back soon to see the changes!  Thanks for your support!  Have a blessed day!


America's Sweetheart

Remember when I said I made 27 tutus for the 4th of July last year?  Well, Independence Day is just around the corner, so it got me thinking about all of those tutus, and I thought I would share some pictures from last year!  Here are just a few of the little patriotic princesses:








Quinn and Uncle Sam  (Okay.  So Quinn is not a princess and he is not wearing a tutu, but this picture was just too cute not to share!)

On a side note that has nothing to do with the 4th of July, the kids and I are heading to Texas in the morning, and we will be gone until June 20th.  I will be able to receive orders while I am away, and I will ship those orders as soon as I can once I return.  Thanks everyone for checking out this blog and for all of the orders so far!  It has been fantastic, and I am having so much fun!





The Name Game

I have done loads of research on tutus and have visited many tutu websites.  One of the things that I have learned/found amusing, is that, on nearly every site, people have come up with very creative names for the colors and each specific tutu.  For example, instead of orange, it's "shrimp".  Or instead of pink, it's "beauty".  Or for yellow, it's "baby maize".  Really?  Baby maize is more descriptive than yellow?

While I do find the creative names amusing, I think naming the tutus is certainly helpful.  Right now, I have had customers say, "I like the colors in that one multi color tutu, you know, the one with the T-shirt, and could you add some of the purple from that other one by the flowers?"  Right.  I get it.  All of my pictures are similar, and it would be much easier to say something like, "I like the colors in the Sugar and Spice tutu.  Could you add some more white to that?"

So, I am working on coming up with some names for the tutus.  I am sure they will be somewhat ridiculous, but hopefully clever!  As I was creating this orange and fuchsia tutu yesterday, I couldn't help but think that the orange tulle was the exact color of a Tiger lily.  

Tiger lilies have a special place in my heart, because they are tied to the very last memory I have of my mother.  I lost my mom when I was 10.  Shortly before she died, she and I were driving down the road when we came across this huge field of Tiger lilies.  My mom was so excited!  She pulled over and grabbed some scissors out of her trunk (yes, she really had scissors in her car--she was quite crafty!), and just started cutting bunches and bunches of the lilies!  She must have cut 100 or more!  It filled her trunk to overflowing.  We went home and put them everywhere!  In crocks, vases, on book shevles, in the washrooms--everywhere!  They didn't last long, but nothing does.

Anyhow, since I am trying to name the tutus, and I couldn't stop thinking about Tiger lilies, that is the name of this tutu--Tiger Lily.  


Happy 2nd birthday, Morgan!

Morgan is two!!!  It has been a very blessed year, although not what we anticipated!  When Mo turned one, she could not roll over, crawl, walk, etc.  She had also developed a severe flat spot on the back left side of her head, due to the fact that she slept on her back for more than a year without rolling over!  (Sleeping on the back is not bad!  However, if your child cannot rollover, eventually, they will probably get a flat spot!)  Anyhow, shortly after Morgan's first birthday, we had her physical abilities evaluated, and found out that she had very low muscle tone, which caused her to have limited gross motor skills.  Although she was over a year, her gross motor skills were about that of a six month old.  So we started physical therapy.

Mo with her physical therapist, Miss Ellen

 We also got her fitted for a Doc Band (aka helmet).  Morgan has made huge strides over the last year, literally!  At around 16 months she started rolling over.  Around 19 months she started pulling herself to a standing position.  By about 20 months she was consistently taking 10 steps at a time.  Now, at 24 months, she is walking, running, and climbing!  She had two different "helmets" over the course of eight months, and we are very happy with the results.  Thank you Cranial Technologies, Inc.!  

first helmet

second helmet

We recently had another evaluation done to check Mo's progress, and her gross motor skills are about that of an 18 month old!  She made up a whole year of physical development in about 10 months!  She is a very happy, and silly!, little princess, and we are so blessed! Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!