Hey there! I am beyond blessed to be the wife of Mark Andrew and the stay-at-home-mommy of Quinn and Morgan! I love to decorate, create things, and generally make life more beautiful! Come join me, and let's see what we can make today!

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For the the last three weeks, I have been in non-stop project mode.  Literally, as soon as I would complete one project I would have to start on the next. I have completed some miscellaneous art projects for family and friends (sorry Kaelyn! still working on yours!:), organized an egg hunt/outreach with our small group, put together a party for my now 8 year old an 15 of his friends, built shelves for the master bath that are still not installed, and created a new set for the stage at church. I would like to say that my master bedroom is nearly complete, but it is nowhere close.  I have resigned myself to the fact the "makeover" is going to take several months now that spring is finally here, and my current goal is to just get the wallpaper off and the paint on in the next three weeks.  The rest of the elements will have to come slowly, and I am okay with that.  

The stage design is what I am going to share with you today. (Be forewarned: all of these pics were taken on the fly with an iPhone, and they are unedited.  No time for that right now!)  I have been helping with the set designs for about 18 months, and I love it!  The Christmas 2013 set was the first set that I put together as the "point" person.  I was given a concept, and I had one week to pull it together...  

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Resurrection Eggs

I almost started this post with an apology for my absence the last two weeks, but, since I am working on being authentic in all areas of my life, I decided not to apologize.  Life happens.  Our last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with church projects, a huge outreach from our small group, more church projects (with my hubs and I simultaneously working on separate projects for our church, The Well), and our daily family commitments, and I don't want to apologize for putting God and my family first.  I don't want to pretend to be some sort of super mom who can handle it all.  I can't.  What I CAN do is prioritize, and when life gets busy, there is not room for my little blog.  So, that being said, let's get on with today's project!

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Kreg Jig

Hey guys!  I have been working on so many projects and have not taken a break to create a post.  If you follow HBK on Facebook, you know that I promised a quick update today.  So, here it is! 

I honestly don't have much to show, because I do not want to post pics of the bathroom/closet area until I have finished the shelves and towel hangers, etc.  However, here is a sneak peek of the hand towel shelf I am building! This is from Whitney over at Shanty 2 Chic, and it is perfect for my space! She posted a great tutorial, and I have all of my pieces cut and stained, I just need to assemble them!

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Tuesday Tips and Recipes #11

I'm getting back on track and posting a TTR on a Tuesday!  (I hope no one fell out of their seat...;)

My husband and I are in a couple's small group that meets on Monday night.  Last night we hosted a St. Patrick's Day dinner for our group.  Another family was going to host the dinner, but due to illness, the dinner was moved to our house last minute.  And, me being me, I couldn't have my friends over for a party without some decorations, so I made two St. Patty's Day "buntings" in less than 20 minutes.  Literally, less than 20 minutes. I timed myself!

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Master Bath

You guys.  I like being honest and open with you about "real life", but as I was reviewing pics for this post, I have decided there is such a thing (as far as pictures go) as too much honesty!  Let's just say that when I removed the wallpaper in the master bath, I found a significant amount of damage and mold.  If you desperately need to see this nastiness, email me and I will send you pics.  Otherwise, just trust me.  It was awful!

But now it is lovely!

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