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Resurrection Eggs

I almost started this post with an apology for my absence the last two weeks, but, since I am working on being authentic in all areas of my life, I decided not to apologize.  Life happens.  Our last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with church projects, a huge outreach from our small group, more church projects (with my hubs and I simultaneously working on separate projects for our church, The Well), and our daily family commitments, and I don't want to apologize for putting God and my family first.  I don't want to pretend to be some sort of super mom who can handle it all.  I can't.  What I CAN do is prioritize, and when life gets busy, there is not room for my little blog.  So, that being said, let's get on with today's project!

Have you guys ever seen resurrection eggs? There are many versions out there, and they are a FANTASTIC way to tell the story of Jesus' last week. Our small group organized an Easter Egg Hunt at a nearby apartment complex. I was in charge of the lesson, and knew that these eggs would be a great way to keep the kids engaged. (Over the last six months our group has been reading Radical, by David Platt, and we have been so convicted to actively, practically, and tangibly live out our faith. The apartment complex has been an area that God has laid on our hearts, and we have been seeking opportunities to minister to the residents, and the egg hunt was just one of many outreaches we have done.  We are so excited to see what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of the residents! A friend told me after the event that, "Your small group is amazing!" I responded with, "God is amazing. We are just obedient." I do not want to seem like I am boasting, so I will stop here! ;) If you want to hear more about what God is doing through our small group, send me a message at kennedyhb@gmail.com)  

I did not have a set of these eggs, so I Googled a number of different sources, and I decided to make my own. With the exception of this teeny-tiny bottle, I had everything on hand.  I purchased this bottle at Hobby Lobby. It was with the dollhouse furniture, etc.


I reviewed a number of different blogs that had instructions for DIY Resurrection Eggs, and I LOVED the downloadalbe chart from Heather at The Real Housewife. (It looks like she hasn't created a new post in awhile. I can TOTALLY relate! ;)You can see her beautiful Resurrection Eggs here, and you can download the chart here.  

This is a screen shot of the chart.  It is fantastic! (My watermark got placed on the screen shot of this chart when I put it on my blog, but I DID NOT create this chart! It is from Heather!)

As I have said, there are MANY versions of the resurrection eggs, and this was the one that I thought was best. I am just going to list the eggs in order, and I will let you know what I used for each egg.

1.  Palm branch - I took a leaf off of a fake plant and cut it to look like a palm branch.

2.  Perfume - I bought a tiny glass bottle from the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby.

3.  Towel - I cut a small strip out of a wash cloth.

4.  Bread - I took the heel of a loaf of bread, tore a piece off, then cut it in the shape of a loaf of bread. *Do not worry about mold.  The bread will become very much like a crouton quite quickly!

5.  Coins and sword - I used three dimes to represent the 30 silver coins Judas received, and I used a Lego spear for the sword.

6.  Crown of thorns - I used three small pieces of wire for the crown.  The first piece (which was the longest), was twisted into a circle, and then I wrapped both ends around the circle creating a "woven" affect.  I left the ends poking out to resemble thorns.  I wrapped two more smaller pieces of wire around the crown, leaving the ends out, adding more "thorns".

7.  Robe and dice - I cut a tunic out of a piece of a purple fabric scrap.  The dice were leftover from the I Spy bags. I had to dig deep into the archives to find this link! ;)

8.  Cross and nails - I wrapped some twine around two sticks from my yard to form a cross.  The rusty nails came from my collection of tetanus rusty lovelies.

9.  Sponge - I cut a piece off of one of my stencil sponges, and then a tore off lots of tiny pieces to give it more of a sponge look.

10. Spices - I used cinnamon sticks to represent the spices that were used in Jesus' burial.

11. Rock - Just a small rock to represent the stone rolled in front of the tomb.

12. Empty - Ummmmm...it's empty.  I probably didn't need to list number 12.  I'm a little OCD and needed to complete the list!

That's it! 

Oh! I almost forgot the egg container!  Obviously, you can use any egg container you'd like, but I really wanted a clear container.  I went to the grocery story and bought a container of organic eggs, and they came in this super sweet, clear box.  

The kids AND the adults (me included!) loved this visual retelling of Jesus' last week.  I created another incredibly simply yet powerful visual for the kids to go along with the eggs, and if my hubs and I can get a few minutes to create a video in the next day or two, I will share that with you! 

I am praying that you are well, wherever you are on your journey. Enjoy the Son!



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