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Kreg Jig

Hey guys!  I have been working on so many projects and have not taken a break to create a post.  If you follow HBK on Facebook, you know that I promised a quick update today.  So, here it is! 

I honestly don't have much to show, because I do not want to post pics of the bathroom/closet area until I have finished the shelves and towel hangers, etc.  However, here is a sneak peek of the hand towel shelf I am building! This is from Whitney over at Shanty 2 Chic, and it is perfect for my space! She posted a great tutorial, and I have all of my pieces cut and stained, I just need to assemble them!

I made a comment on FB yesterday that I was finally going to test out my Kreg Jig--which my husband bought for me almost a year ago! Oops!  I guess I let intimidation get the best of me... Anyhow, this shelf is going to require pocket holes for the screws, so I decided it was time to conquer my fear!  I had just read the manual and gathered my courage, and then it was time to get the short people from school.  We went straight from school to visit some family from out of town, and by the time we got home it was too late to test out the Kreg Jig.

Cut and stained boards, waiting to be turned into something fabulous. Does anyone else using their dining room table as a workbench? It is a weekly occurrence in our house!

At 7:45am, before my husband went to work, he helped me set up the Kreg Jig and he coached me while I made some practice holes.

Sweet husband helping me set up the jig.

Me, testing out the jig for the first time. (I probably shouldn't have started with mitered boards, but I did, and I had no problems!)

My first ever pocket hole!  You.guys.  This Kreg Jig is a game changer!!!  I am ridiculously excited about it and cannot wait to see what I can make!

So, I am working on finishing my bathroom/closet area, and I'll show you that (hopefully!) next week. Today, I want to show you what I just made this morning.  A little random, but that's life!

My sister in law just bought her first home, and she has had this beautiful, unframed, canvas art that she bought while traveling/living overseas.  As a house warming gift, I decided to frame the canvas for her.  She wanted something simple and rustic, which is perfect, because I can only handle simple right now!  Anyhow, yesterday I measured, cut, and stained the 1x2's for the frame using my miter box.  **Sidenote: Making a frame is WAY EASIER than cutting trim!** This morning I used the Kreg Jig to create pocket holes to attach the pieces together.  

I used a small amount of wood glue on the joints before I screwed them together. The pieces attached so seamlessly--I felt so professional! Honestly, I know it's silly, but it is incredibly empowering to create something on your own.  Even if what you create isn't particularly grand, just knowing that you created it and can continue to improve your skills is a pretty fantastic feeling!

Front of the frame

Back of the frame (I know these are not great or even interesting pics, but I am so happy with frame--and the fact that I conquered my fear of the unknown with this project--that I have to share it with you!)

I'll be sure to take a picture of the final product, but this will give you a general idea.  I love it!!! (And sorry it's blurry.  I was in a rush!)

Okay, it's back to work for me! I am going to go make some shelves!  What are you up to today?! Whatever it is, be sure to enjoy the Son!

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