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Book Page Foyer

Hey, Folks!  I am working away on the master bed/bath project, and I don't have a lot to show you yet. (If you follow me on FB, you have already seen some nasty pics of the mold! Yikes!) And today is the last day for East Coast Creative's  Creating With The Stars link up, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you the completed foyer and enter it into the contest. You've seen sneak peeks here and there, but never the whole thing, so here goes!

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I love books, and, specifically, I love to decorate with book pages. A couple of years ago, my husband and I set up a temporary photo studio (scroll towards the end of the post to see the studio) in our living room, and I have wanted to try book pages on our walls ever since.

What do you think?!


Now, I knew this would only have the desired affect in a small dose, so I choose the foyer.  It is a very small area, but it is the first thing people see when they step into my home.  I also knew that this would be/will be a pain to remove. I already had incredibly damaged walls, so I wasn't worried.

See? Not smooth to start with!

I took one of my garage sale purchased dictionaries and cut out random pages. {I LOVE a big, old book full of words, and you can't pass up a $1 deal.} This particular dictionary is from 1963, so there are some GREAT words in it! And, while I say I chose random pages, I do have young readers in the house (who will grow up to be adolescent readers, etc.), so I was very careful to edit most of the pages. ;) I wanted to try to get the whole alphabet on my walls, so I chose a couple of pages from A, B, C, etc. I used my paper cutter to cut various squares and rectangles, and just used wall paper paste to adhere the pages to the wall.  Since the walls were already imperfect, I did not try hard to get the pages too smooth.  Just slathered the wall with paste and went for it. {Someone please remind me, in 5-10 years, how much I liked this. I am SURE I am going to be kicking myself when I have to take this down!  Maybe I will just drywall over it...;) 

Here is a "before" pic. I cannot believe how marked the banister had become!

Painting the banister and adding book pages to this little triangle made SUCH a difference!

This is when the walls were done, but the doors were still blah.  

Painting and glazing the doors made a HUGE impact! (Left door is finished, right needs glaze here.)

Here are some outside pics of the front doors.



And here are just some more fun shots of the book pages that I adore so much!

I love the "sneaky pete" page!


And my daughter loves that the switch plates are covered, too! 

This dictionary actually had both of my kids' names listed as proper names.  I also hid as many family and friends' names as I could on the walls.  It's fun to search! 

All the little drawings add loads of interest. I was originally just going to use bookpages, but I am glad I went with a dictionary.

I cannot remember what I was trying to show with this pic, but I know that I emptied out the bins to take it. Thinking...thinking...thinking...I don't know, but I feel like if I specifically tried to take this pic, I must have had a reason, no? I think I was just trying to get a pic of the corner, because it is the only place that two "papered" walls meet.  Anyhow, enjoy this random photo.

And since I've already told you I emptied the bins to stage the photo, here is how they normally look!

Just one more shot of this yummy, word-filled wall!

There you have it! If you try something like this, let me know--I'd love to see it!  

Enjoy the Son!

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