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Tuesday Tips and Recipes #10

Today's post is going to be a bunch of randomness, but I will start with a tip. (You remember, right? OCD self cannot post on Tuesday without a tip or recipe. So...)

Yes. Those are spoons.  (I warned you this would be random!) This might seem like a silly tip, but I have found it quite useful!  When my son started first grade last year, I would pack his lunch every day and include whatever utensils he would need, typically just a spoon.  The spoons I would send were the only ones we had in the house: the beautiful Oneida set that we got for our wedding that they do not make anymore.  I did not think anything of this, until, after nearly seven months without incident, my little guy brought his lunch home with no spoon.  Uh oh.  He accidentally threw it away.  (Or so he thought.) No big deal, accidents happen.  Two days later, there was no spoon in the returned lunch box.  "I must have thrown it away, Mom." Again, it's just a spoon, but I began to realize that if this trend continued, I would soon be out of spoons!  So, I went to GoodWill and bought three spoons.  They were ten cents each.  Why didn't I buy more?  Well, many of the spoons were scratched and had rough edges (as if they had been dropped in the garbage disposal on accident), and I could only find three that meet my very high standards.  (Sarcasm, folks.)  Each time I go to GoodWill, I check the spoons, and we are now up to seven "lunch box" spoons.  Since he has been using the GW spoons, for about a year now, he has only lost one, and since it was only ten cents and held no sentimental value, it truly was no big deal.  And, those spoons he thought he threw away, I found them in the lost and found and the end of the year.  ;)

Okay.  Here is the status of the hallways: 95% done.  I just need to finish the trim on the stairs, and I am waiting until the walls have full cured before I tape them to paint the trim.  Here are some low quality before and after pics. (I promise that I have a very nice camera, and I know how to take a decent pic, but when I am paint/cooking/building/crafting, I generally do not bring out the big guns.  It's just too risky.)

Stairwell before

Stairwell after

South wall before


After painting the hallway, the kids bath looked very dingy, so I painted that too!

I am going to start on the master bedroom soon, but we have a lot going on in the next couple of weeks, so it will be after Valentine's Day before I actually start that project.  And, considering that it was my goal to have the stairs and hall finished by the end of February, I am very pleased with where I am at, project-wise.

More randomness.  I ordered a new bathing suit for the Disney cruise we are taking at the end of February.  There was an error with the graphic on the website for the bottoms that I thought I was ordering, and the bottoms that I received were Brazilian cut.  You guys. My backside has way to much real estate to be family appropriate in a Brazilian cut bottom.  (My hubs thought they were fantastic, bless his heart, but there was no way I was going to keep them!) Honestly, it was like, one step, two step, THONG! I sent them back and tried to exchange them for the regular bottoms (the company was super apologetic about the error and very helpful), but the bottoms that match the bikini top are now sold out, except for size XS. why am I sharing this, because it real and hilarious and I have two funny pics to show you that were sent to my friend via text.

This one was to show the size difference between last years bikini bottoms and the ones that I ordered. (My friend was sure that they couldn't be that bad.)

And this pic is of Tinkerbell, but I sent it as a follow up saying, "Change the color from green to purple with white polka dots and add some cellulite, and this is me in my new bottoms."

Honestly, Tink.  You're showing a lot of skin...;)

After I made the post on my LOVE sign, I received some custom orders from friends, and this is my favorite version so far!

And last but not least, is this beautiful sunrise.  I shared it on my FB page, and I had to share it here, too.  The weather has been so cold and it is easy for me to get "gloomy", and I love the beautiful reminders each morning that help me to remember to enjoy the Son.

I hope you enjoy the Son, too.  Have a blessed day!



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