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DIY Wire Basket

When I was thinking of my Valentine's mantle (which I will show you tomorrow!), I was picturing a long, narrow, wire basket. I looked around and did not find anything like my vision (big surprise), so I decided to make my own with the supplies I had on hand.

As I was unrolling the wire (I believe this one is actually called "poultry net" or "poultry mat", and I purchased it last winter at Home Depot for $20 and I have gotten TONS of use out of it, and there is still so much left!) and getting ready to cut, I had the great idea to start with a sample piece since I didn't know exactly how high I wanted the sides to come.  I am so glad I started with a small piece, because I made a few errors and it would have been a major pain to start over if I was re-cutting the full size piece.  (Have I mentioned it is a bit time consuming to cut the wire? I have great wire cutters, but it still takes awhile!)

Anyhow, I pretty much made it up as I went along, and I think it is pretty easy to follow, so I am just going to post the pics so that you can see how I made this basket.

Here's the start of the sample basket. I just laid the scrap of wood (same width as the one I wanted to use, just 1/4 the length) on the wire and gave myself plenty of room on all sides, and cut out a section of wire to work with.

Then I started trimming the sides so that they could be folded up.


Then I cut a section out of each "corner" so that I could fold the ends up.

Again, this is where I am very glad I was trying a small piece first, because I realized that I wanted the wire to wrap around the "ends", not the front and back sides.  

Here is the practice attempt.

And here is how the edges on the final product look.  Much better.

To get the edges to fold up, I used the piece of wood to bend the wire around.  I wasn't going to keep the wood in the basket (because this wire is VERY sturdy and laid nice and flat), but I ended up liking the wood in there and left it for now!

I had wanted to do something cute with edges of the basket, and I thought about "curling" the wire around the top.

Yeah...that looked better in my head! There was not much length of wire to curl, and I kept breaking pieces off, no matter how careful I tried to be!

And that was annoying, because I had intentionally cut the wire so that it could be "curled", and now I had to go back and cut off all the little pokey pieces.  Ugh.  Lesson learned.

 Here is what the (almost) final product looked like.

I liked it, but I wanted the wire to be a bit more rustic, so I got out some paint and added a little character.

Aaaaaaaand, I am leaving you there for today!  Silly, I know! But I want you to see the whole thing altogether, and this post is long enough!  

Stay warm today! I have heard a rumor that Spring is just around the corner! Enjoy the Son!

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I loved seeing your project! This is very crafty and unique. I don't know if you are aware, but there are companies out there that specialize in wire cutting. One of the companies I have used in the past is Laurel Wire. I also love to do all kinds of crafts and jewelery, but the wire cutting and shaping is my least favorite part. I have called Laure Wire, tell them what I need and they have done it for me whether is one piece or multiple ones.

September 14, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLaurel Wire Company

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