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Wallpaper fail!

To keep things (read: my attitude!) bright and cheery, let's start with this adorable picture of Mo.  I just love this girl!

And this pic is also a sneak peek at my foyer.  I was going to show you the foyer today, but, in keeping with my vow of authenticity, I'm just not feeling it!  I just don't have the energy that staging photos would take.  I'll show you what I mean.

Aside from poor lighting, this photo doesn't look too bad.  But perception is everything.  Let's pan out, shall we?

This is what my foyer REALLY looks like!  Now, how authentic would it be for me to just show you the first pic?! ;) 

Okay.  Let's talk wallpaper.  Yes, I have used wallpaper.  And, as you can see, I recently "wallpapered" my foyer with pages from an old dictionary.  I actually like the look of many wallpapered spaces. That being said, my 1972 house has a paintable wallpaper throughout the stairs, hallway, and master bed and bath.  The wallpaper is/was very damamged and just old.  

I decided (right before we had 30 people over for Thanksgiving, naturally) that I could not stand the wallpaper any longer. The kids thought it was great fun to tear down the paper!

I learned that this type of wallpaper is called "peelable wallpaper".  Peelable means that the vinyl rips away from the paper/glue backing very easily.  Sometimes the glue even comes with it. The walls are quite dinged and damaged, and wanting to speed the process along, I decided that I would peel the loose glue and just paint over the rest and call it "texture".  Yeah...don't ever do that, or this will happen.

I decided to test a patch of wall with some paint. (Thank the Lord for some common sense!) I just took a paint brush and painted a section of wall that is normally behind a mirror.  Sadly, once the paper/glue was moistened by the paint, the paper started peeling off with each brush stroke.  (Maybe I didnt have that much common sense after all!  WHY did I think this would be a good idea?!?!)

I quickly realized that I was going to have to remove all of the paper/glue, and I just about cried, mainly because I am going to FINALLY start working on our master bedroom-- as soon as I finish the stairs and hall.  I thought this project would take about a week, but the glue is so awful to remove that I changed my time frame to the end of February.  I lamented on FB about the disgusting nightmare that is wallpaper removal (Seriously, it is sooooooo gross! The glue is sticky and nasty and gets on everything!) and I got tons of tips on wallpaper removal. Since my wallpaper was peelable, there is no need to score or steam the paper.  What I have eneded up doing is taking an old spray bottle, adding a tiny amount of laundry detergent and filling the bottle with warm water.  I spray a section of the wall, wait about five minutes, and then take a metal scraper and the glue and paper comes right off.  It is a huge job and slow going, but I know it will be worth it.  

And, keeping me entertained while I work is the ever changing mystery of what was on the walls before the paper.  At first, I thought that the wallpaper was original to the house, and that it was put up on unfinished drywall.  However, I have yet to see any tape marks or drywall screws, so the drywall had to have been finished.  (I briefly thought that the walls could be plaster, but they are definitely drywall.) I am now sure that the paper is not original, because I have found some writing with dates on the walls.  Looks like the paper went up in the spring of 1987.  And it seems that the kids were given free reign with some markers before the paper went up, because everyone's room is labeled (Drew, Dana, Dean, and Barb + Paul), and there are notes and pictures on the wall! It is hilarious!  If anyone knows the Kurth family, tell them I found their artwork! This one has a square with a smiley face in it labeled "mirror" and "your reflection".  So funny!

I have also found some other surprises, like, what appears to have been a foot through the wall.  I am not sure how long that has been there, but the mirror that I took down has been there since we bought the house and the well concealed hole hasn't bothered us, and I plan to just put the mirror right back over it.  Authenticity, folks.  Right here.

Anyhow, this is what I am working on for the next couple of weeks.  Ugh.  I have to get a tall ladder to reach the ceiling in the stairwell.  

I have loads of quick and easy projects that I have done over the last six months, so I will show you some of those in the coming weeks, along with my wallpaper progress!

How about you guys?  Anyone had to remove wallpaper?  Anyone working on something fun? Tell me about it! I'd love to feature some of your work this year--whether or not you have a blog!  If you have a project you want to share, send me some pics and I will feature it!

I'm off to strip more wallpaper...;)

P.S. Thank you all so much for your kind emails regarding my last post! I've missed blogging and it's good to be back, especially with some clear priorities! Enjoy the Son!


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I love your post. After my " wall paper project" a few years back I decided I will NEVER wall paper again. Paint, stencils or maybe a border but that's it. I am sure yours will look great when your done.

January 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterChris

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