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Catching up

Okay.  It's been two weeks since my last post.  I bet you think I've been sitting around doing nothing...;) Ha!  Actually, I have been working on so many things I haven't even taken time to post a fun project! Most of what I have been working on has been yardwork.  Lots of yardwork.  Ridiculous amounts of yardwork!  But I love it!  I want to show you the most recent junky memo board I created for my sister.  And the new hair clips I just made last night.  And MY fairy garden, because I loved my daughter's so much I had to make my own! And several other projects I have completed over the last two weeks, but I still need to photograph some of the them, so what you are going to get today is a random sampling of the last two weeks!  Enjoy!

Let's start with Mo's recital.  Isn't she adorable?!

I know I am biased, but, c'mon now!!!!  She is too cute!!!  Her class performed the sweetest little tap routine to 'Uptown Girls', and the audience just ate them up!!!  And, I learned that I could never be a 'Toddlers and Tiaras' mom, because I was totally stressing getting her into her little costume, making sure her headpiece was on right, adding make-up, etc.!

Now for some yardwork pics.  Our yard is almost completely covered in shade.  Shade is fantastic, until you are trying to grow some grass.  When we moved in to this house almost three years ago, I removed several trees, bushes, and randomy placed shrubs.  I added new beds and have been transplanted and dividing hostas like crazy for the past few summers.  I planted grass seed where I removed the shrubs, etc., but it has not taken.  As a result, our front yard looks pretty terrible.  That doesn't stop me from trying to add some charm, though!

Here is sad shot of part of the front yard.  (You can see the new seed that has just been spread!)

There used to be two separate beds here, and there was a "grass" walkway between the two, about four feet wide.  I use the term grass VERY loosely.  Since there was hardly any grass there, I just combined the beds a couple of years ago.  I still like to have a walk way there, so I make sure to keep it free of plants and shrubs.  However, that makes it look very bare! So, I decided to use some of my reclaimed lumber for a little garden path.

That looks better, right?!  How about some mulch?

Much better!!!  We had 15 yards of mulch delivered on Wednesday, and I estimate that I moved about 4-5 yards.  I am hardly 1/3 of the way done, and already my back and shoulders are screaming at me, and I couldn't be happier about it!  It is so lovely to be healthy and able to work hard!!!

Here is a shot from a second floor window.  It really showcases the tradgedy that is my front lawn.  Sigh.

Does anyone remember our addition barn shed? I finished painting it last fall, and over the weekend my husband helped me add some shutters and a window box.  I transplanted a little of this, and a little of that, and I think it is coming together in a very charming sort of way.

I have planted flowers in my washtubs, whiskey barrel, several pots and pails, and just about anywhere I can sneak in some flowers!

I also had to redo my porch cushions.  Again.  It's my own fault.  It was so mild this winter that I didn't pull them in.  And, if you recall, Taco and Burrito (the neighbor's cats) think the cushions are there for them, and they thoroughly enjoyed the soft place to lay on all winter!  Anyhow, the cushions were terribly faded, constantly covered in white cat hair, and honestly just awful.

Gross.  This year I went with a fabric that was a bit more whimsical.  It is still canvas, so it will hold up nicely, it's just more cheerful.  What do you think?

We absolutely love to sit on our porch, and we do sit there!!!  Everyday!!!

And we just hung a new flag for Memorial Day.  I was so happy to see that out of the ten houses on our side of the street, seven houses were flying a flag!  If you have served our country, or if you are currently serving, I thank you so very, very much for your sacrifice!  My sleepy little life and silly blog posts would not be possible without you.  Truly, thank you.

Again, this is just a sampling of what has been happening here, but I just wanted to take a moment and let you know I am still here, still plugging along, and still so very grateful for all of your support and encouragement! 

I will leave you with a silly shot of me and my little nut from the recital.

Oh goodness!  We DO have fun!!! 

Enjoy the Son! 

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