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It has been a week since my last blog post.  In that week, I have been FLOODED with e-mails and Facebook messages regarding my HG story.  I have helped with two other HG cases, and I have done quite a bit of research on what is going on in the medical community to help HG sufferers.  Thank you all for you kind words and support!  If you missed the post, you can read it here.

Also, in the past week, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  Crazy!  These are the beautiful flowers he sent me. 

I have written about Tiger lilies before, but, so that you won't have to click on another link, I will just include the brief story about them.  Tiger lilies have a special place in my heart, because they are tied to the very last memory I have of my mother.  I lost my mom when I was 10.  Shortly before she died, she and I were driving down the road when we came across this huge field of Tiger lilies.  My mom was so excited!  She pulled over and grabbed some scissors out of her trunk (yes, she really had scissors in her car--she was quite crafty!), and just started cutting bunches and bunches of the lilies!  She must have cut 100 or more!  It filled her trunk to overflowing.  We went home and put them everywhere!  In crocks, vases, on book shevles, in the washrooms--everywhere!  They didn't last long, but nothing does.  It was so sweet of my husband to honor that memory with such a beautiful arrangement!

Also in the past week, I have started priming our shed.  It feels like it is taking forever, but I know it will be lovely when it is done!  (The shed is huge!  We sometimes jokingly refer to it as the addition, or the barn!)

And it was time to give the boxwoods their semi-annual trim.  These things grew like crazy this summer!

So much better!

After trimming the boxwoods, I was apparently in the trimming mood, and I went crazy on the back hedge!  This hedge is actually our neighbors, and she is very particular about it.  She has unfortunately requested that we not trim anything off the top.  As a result, the hedge just keeps getting more and more tangled and falls into our yard.  I actually don't mind the privacy, but this hedge grows so fast it needs to be trimmed several times a year.  In May, I trimmed it really well, and it looked like the second picture that I will show you.  And in three and a half months, it looked like this again!

Before the trim.

After the trim.  Look!  There is a fence!  And plants!

Some weeks there just isn't enough time to create a new project.  However, since my home is actually my most favorite thing to work on, I did enjoy working on all of these things!

And now, to round out this totally random post, I want to share a couple of great finds I picked up at GoodWill yesterday, and show you something I got in the mail.  First is the octagon table.  I got it for $9.  I am pretty sure I will be painting it when I redo the family room, but for now, even unpainted, it is a great addition to our space!

Isn't that cool?!  Next, I got this chair.  If you follow this blog at all, or know me in real life, you know I am a sucker for chairs.  And who could resist this beauty at only $2?!  TWO DOLLARS, FOLKS!  That's a steal!  This chair is unbelievably sturdy, and it appears to be an old school house chair.  Quite charming!  And look!  It fits so nicely next to my roll top desk!  (P.S. My husband totally laughed when I showed him that I bought another chair!)

And finally, remember when I won a Cricut E2 machine?  Well, it came!  I cannot wait to try it!

What have you been up to lately? 

I am off to buy some more primer for the shed.  Enjoy the Son!

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OK, we must go to Goodwill together soon too! I'd love to see how the Cricut works, I'll be creeping over to try it ;) And Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Mark, September anniversaries are the best! Hugs and you are amazing to share your story!! Love, Michelle

September 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

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