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Family Auction

Just over a week ago, I went to the first auction I had been to in a very long time.  I used to go to auctions with my mom, and I was FASCINATED by them.  However, my mom has been gone for over 20 years, and I think that has been how long it has been since I have been to an auction!

This auction was no random outing for me.  Back in November, my great uncle passed, and our family has been working towards getting everything ready for the auction since then.  I went back to my hometown the week prior to the sale to help finalize everything.  It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too. 

It was amazing to me to see all of this...stuff.  It was history staring you in the face.  I found myself very nostalgic for an era that I never knew.  I could go on and on (surprise, surprise!), but I'll just stop by saying I really did enjoy seeing all the things that had been collected over several lifetimes.

Awhile back, I shared some of the treasures that I had received from my uncle's estate. I received many great pieces, and I also bid on a number of items at the auction.  Here are just some of the goodies I came home with.

I want to share with you a sampling of what was sold at the auction.  And before I start, let me just say that I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I love antiques.  Antiques around here are not cheap.  Antiques in my hometown, however, apparently are!  I am heartbroken at the price so many of the pieces went for, but it is what it is.  I have a feeling that my friend Susan over at Homeroad is going to have a stroke when she sees some of these pieces and hears what they went for.  Hopefully she'll be okay. ;)

I love that washtub.  It came with two tubs and the stand.  Sold for $7.

Check out these old wagons--the one has wooden wheels!

Not one of these dressers went for more than $20.  Ugh.  What a shame!

I loved the tall dresser (I forget what it's called at the moment) on the right.  I was busy with something when it went up for sale.  It sold for $20.  Breaks.My.Heart.

This is a really cool baby crib.  It is very tiny though, more like a bassinette.  Again, I was helping someone else when this went up for sale.  It sold for $10.  I was talking with the lady who bought it, and she said she would sell it to me for $12.  I thought that was 1) very generous, 2) hilarious since she just purchased it, and 3) unnecessary since I had no idea what I would do with it, and I am running out of space to store my "potential projects".

There were loads of old beds and a couple of wrought iron baby cribs.  One of my brothers actually bought the brass bed for $25. 

Here is a portion of the Aberdeen china that was sold. It was a really cool, old set.

I feel a little sad about this sewing machine.  My step-mom wanted to sell it.  I convinced her to keep it.  Then the week of the sale, I convinced her that she really didn't have room for it, and she should just sell it.  We looked up the serial number, and found that on the day this particular machine was manufactured in 1909, there were alreay 42,000 other machines that had been sold.  So, it seemed that this wasn't a particularly unique piece, and she really didn't have room for it.  Plus, my step-mom and her dad and brother were splitting the proceeds of the estate sale, so I thought she might like getting some money for it.  Well, it only sold for $40.  Again, ugh.

These little (and one giant) crocks surprised me.  The Monmouth Pottery Co. one went for $210! And the 10 quart crock went for $240!  People knew what they were looking for, because the other ones went for about $3 each!

There were soooooo many canning jars.  I just LOVE the blue ones!

There were five hayracks just FULL of goodies.  To some I am sure it just looks like a lot of junk, but I could have spent HOURS just looking through all of the old tools, etc.

I know Susan would do something fantastic with this box! 

When I spied this beauty I totally fell in love with her!  It is an old Singer sewing drawer that was being used as a tool box!

I waited about an hour and a half for her.  It was very enjoyable.  I did get asked a lot of questions about where I was from.  I was the only female in the group.  By the time my little box came up for sale, everyone at my end of the hayrack knew what I was wanting.  I was very excited when I realized I was finally going to get to bid, but my heart started to sink when one of the auction workers started putting a group of valuable tools together to sell--and MY box was in the group.  One very kind farmer told the worker, "You'll get more money if you sell that drill bit separately."  It was very kind of the farmer, and the worker took the drill bit out, but there was still quite a bit of stuff in the group.  Right before the bidding started, another farmer yelled out, "Can you sell the box by itself?" The worker looked confused, and yet another farmer yelled out, "She just wants the box!"  "Who wants the box?", asked the auctioneer over his microphone?  I raised up one finger, and the auctioneer yelled, "I have $100 for the little box, do I hear $105?"  The farmers were practically rolling on the floor laughing, and as soon as my panic settled down, I was laughing too!  In the end, the bidding started at $1, no one bid against me, and I got my little box.  When I turned around, one of the farmers gave me $1 for the contents for the box, so I ended up getting the box for free!

I thought this little outfit was so cute, and I was sure it would bring in at least $10 or $20.  I was wrong though.  It sold for $2.

Fortunately, I had my son try it on the day before the sale, and I got some really great pictures.  So, I don't have the outfit (and what would I do with it anyhow?), but I do have a really great memory with it!  Isn't he handsome?!

Anyone wondering what I did with my "box"?  Well, I am sure it will change with the seasons, but, for now, I have planted some grasses in it, and it looks lovely in my kitchen!

Praying you all enjoyned the Son today!  Be blessed!


Reader Comments (5)

Oh my word! I would have loved to have been at that auction! The story about the sewing box is pretty sweet though. Sounds like if that's the kind of people at the auction that all of the items found a lovely home!

June 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRachel

What an incredible auction! I love auctions but haven't been to one in a number of years. In fact when we were first married and my husband was in Korea (20 years ago) I would go to auctions to pass the time. I picked up furniture and little odds and ends. Some of which I still own! I know exactly what you mean about the prices... as we live about an hour north of Indianapolis and I was shocked at how insanely high some things sell for... things I have purchased for what would be pennies on the dollar. But I won't part with my sweet finds because now they hold far too many precious memories for me. Sentimental value is far more important than monetary for me right now!

Love the picture of your son in the outfit! It really brings out the blue in his eyes!! What a handsome little guy you have there.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

June 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy

Holly, great post! You AND those pictures told a wonderful story!

June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarah Pittenger

Great post! I love days like that filled with memories and happy stories and connections to the past. I love what you did with your box! Blessings to you.

June 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterWendy

I am dying that all that beautiful furniture went for $20! I wish I had been there!

June 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLorie

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